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Functional and Structural Yoga

Functional and Structural Yoga

We choose to live pain-free. With a desire for long-term healthy hips and knees as well as a neck to freely turn our heads to take in the wider field, our beauty shines from a walking pattern that remains smooth and easy while our breath flows in and out like an ocean tide.

With relaxed shoulders, we practice with a sensitivity to the nervous system allowing greater communication for our bodies to effectively orient in space.

Balancing from informed feet, we work towards making space with love, compassion, and a deep appreciation for the human body, mind and spirit.

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Inspiration from workshops, teacher trainings, retreats.

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With gratitude to these awesome students, who agreed to be filmed, and are regular folks who feel better from practicing together. We taped elements of our 6-week series class so they could practice over summer break. We later heard that friends and family were enjoying these easy to follow fundamental Yoga sequences. We now invite you to practice with us. Click an image to play a video!



Learn Yoga Therapy from workshops, teacher trainings, retreats.

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We created Ideas for Feeling Better for you! Full color and with 19 pages of awesome content, this booklet includes our favorite tips, well-being recipes, a print practice and links to additional resources. We want you to live a vibrant life. We are here to help! Get your free copy of Ideas for Feeling Better today!